Our Story

SolarWinds Trade Conglomerate (SWTC) was founded on the principals of working together and learning EVE online. Anyone and everyone is welcome to our ranks. We have existed in all aspects of space and enjoy sharing our wealth of knowledge with others.

Data Driven

We utilize data pulled from ESI. The data is used with Tableau to develop a “Story” and make educated decisions.

Community Based

Friendship is the best ship in EVE. SWTC is dedicated to its community and helping all us grow and be better members of EVE online.

NewBro Welcoming

We strive to welcome new players into the world of New Eden. Don’t be shy to ask questions or learn something new.

Why Data Driven?

Frozen Pizzas, the CEO of SWTC is currently a business student at Bishops University. The data project was inspired by a data analytics class. The foundation of this project is an environment to test and utilize skills and technology from that class.