Data Driven Gaming 

Observing a collapsing (recession?) player driven economy in a sandbox (simulation?) MMO.  


Unsure on timeline for this project??? 6m? a year? 10 years?  


EVE Online  


  1. To observe and better understand down trending player run markets (Economies?) using data analytics and visuals (Tableau). 

Supply and Demand, 

Turn around (How long something sits on the market) 

Velocity of money 

Tableau Story?? 

Economies in Recession / Depression / ect ect 

Inflation, Stagflation, CPI, GDP 

  1. To create foresight and visuals to see actionable items in that market.  

Discover meaningful relationships, 

Tableau Dashboard? 


How long to buy, 

How long to sell, 

Monitor profits, losses, and market activity in real time. 

Decide on a production queue or buy lists, 

Inventory management, 

  1. Perform actionable items / Test actionable items. 

Participate in the market? 

Perform production 

Create possible player driven market outside of main market (Felix idea?) 

Market Seed, Market creation, Job creation?? 

Leverage current assets allowing other people to be more productive (10% discount in exchange for asset usage) 

Generate wealth? 

Can you survive the market collapse or be a winner in the market recovery?  


Player Data: Data collection of single player token will be driven by SQL. All player data must be “Agreed” and submitted for use. These tokens are created by a Web Application using MariaDB. Tableau will connect to the MariaDB (Built using Docker containers)  

Market Data: Market data is public facing and is generated using a Restful API. A website will generate JSON or actionable data for Tableau. Tableau will connect to this using a WDC (Web Data Connector). Unsure of actual best site for this! Several exist! (Research?) 


Will attempt to utilize a player driven group in the game “My Company”. This will include myself and anyone else who plays the game and would like to either participate in the actionable items of “Why?” or would like to just submit player data to the MariaDB Token collection.  

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