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Add your character to the data collection

How can you help!?

Solarwinds is looking for people interested in utilizing data in EVE Online. We operate in the universe driven by knowledge and collaboration.



Utilize wormholes for exploration, gas, and logistics. Be a part of the team discovering our path in space!


Data Driven Production

Join a team dedicated to maximizing production profits with data analytics.


Ore, Ore, and More Ore

Dedicated to meeting the demand of Industry. Gain access to ore sites, gas sites and use planetary Interaction for more then just Isk.

Trade and Markets

Data Driven Trading

Join a team utilizing data analytics to stay ahead of the curve on trading. Grow a player driven market and seed other profitable markets using data.

Board of Directors

Frozen Pizzas

Frozen Pizzas


"Founder and CEO of SWTC, Focused on Data, Markets and Trade

Position Open

Position Open


Lead a team in acquiring base and intermediary goods to complete a production queue.

Position Open

Position Open

Head Recruiter

Help find the best team members possible!

Data Project

Using Data Analytics and Visualizations in EVE Online.

Day 4

I have been able to import historical MER (Monthly Economic Report) data into Tableau. The data was retrieved in CSV format from here: Would like to thank CCP for making this data public! I Read more…