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About us

Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate

Led by a board of directors with 20 years of combined experience navigating the breadth of the cluster, Solar Winds Trade Conglomerate (SW-TC) is widely respected for its ability to deliver projects on-schedule, under budget and with complementary killmails. Currently operating out of an island with high and low security space, we are focused on supporting ongoing corporate operations by providing:

· Military-Industrial Logistics Support

· Tactical Asset Deployment

· Aggressive Negotiation Services

· J-Sig Security Consultation

· Targeted Intelligence Procurement

Founded on the principle that a group is only as strong its members, SW-TC is seeking to grow its small but dedicated team of operatives. Contact a regional recruitment officer today to see if you are a good fit for our organization. Applicants will be considered based on prior experience and industry-standard aptitude evaluation techniques.


What we offer

We offer a varying array of activities. Our unique location in space allows:

Wormhole, exploration and pvp

Mission Running, level 1 – 4 agents

Ratting, Belts and Anoms

Mining and Industry

Roaming Null and other areas of space for PVP 

What we look for

SW-TC is a flexible corp that engages in many activities, because of this, we look for many diverse pilots. We are looking for active pilots in the EST / USTZ. We require maturity and a personality. Skills and SP can be trained while a personality is more static. Working coms are a must as we are a socially active corp. We fly to hang out and have fun first. We also look for a willingness to engage and contribute. We are a corp that works together to complete goals.